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Csepel Sport Park

This project is based on a 100 years old sport center and its importance in this part of Budapest.

According to our plans this project can give a new city center of this District and a possible site for the Olympic Games. This project can preserve the inheritance of the Golden Age of Budapest and on the other hand it can show the way to the city’s future. This development can be very important to the local community and to the Hungarian sport as well.

The total buildable area is about 250.000.sqm. The whole complex -on a 94.000.sqm large plot- can give space to sport (55.000. sqm), 1.500. flats (90.000.sqm), offices (30.000.sqm), surgery and ambulance (10.000.sqm), hotels (30.000. sqm) and retirement home (35.000. sqm).

We are currently working on the plans and the regulation with the local authority and the Archiplan Ltd. Lots of entrepreneurs –mainly sport companies- indicated their intensions to rent or buy offices or shops in the development. Furthermore, at present, eleven sport clubs are work in this sport facility and they also support the project.

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The owner of the existing facility is the Csepel Sport Club Foundation. This Foundation is specialized in sport and education support as a core activity. Its work is very important for the local inhabitants. There are great business potentials in the sport investments, because at present there are only a few sport facilities in Budapest and in Hungary as well. The sport is getting more and more popular mainly among the educated people. We are looking for a co-investor partner or a possible buyer.


The project is located in District 21 of Budapest, which is an undiscovered part of the Hungarian capital. During the last 50 years the basically suburban district became important part of the city and lots of owner-occupied blocks were built.