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Szilas Creek Park

This project is based on the needs of an expanding city. Our aim is to revivify this part of Budapest. Originally this part of the city was a sleepy suburb but during the socialism big owner –occupied blocks were built here. Now we can see the possibilities for making this part of Budapest more attractive to live and work in.

The project site is next to the river Szilas. In our plans we use the river to create a little lake and a park with running tracks and a lot of sidewalks in it. Motorway M3 is relatively close to the project site on which one can reach the heart of Budapest within 30 minutes. This is the perfect solution for young couples, singles, couples with children and the elderly alike. In this area some other developments are in progress as well, but the popularity of this region is high.

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The total buildable area is about 140.000.sqm. The whole project -on a 94.000.sqm large plot- can give space to sport, 1.500. flats (90.000.sqm), shops (20.000.sqm), education (10.000.sqm), and services (20.000. sqm).

We are currently working on the plans and the regulation with the local authority and the architect company.


The project is located in District 15 of Budapest. The project site is a formal industrial facility. Around the project site is a suburban region with some highly developed areas. The public transportation is excellent between the town center and the project site.