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Business Activities

Management of Work-Out Transactions more

Upon request of our Clients pursuing their activities in the real estate sector but struggling with difficulties in diverse fields (technical, financial, marketing, operating, management) we provide assistance to obviate bankruptcy proceedings, and to accomplish their project successfully. To save the project and to regain profitability, after localising the hardships, we will manage the project through appropriate reactions till the successful accomplishment thereof.

Through the assignments received the In-Construction Ltd. has also acquired experience in the management of work-out transactions during the recent years thus we are at the disposal of financial institutes with the following complex solutions:

  • Accomplish / arrange the construction stage of a real estate development (amendment of permits or licences, if necessary, tenders for contractors, continual technical coordination, management of withdrawals from bank accounts)
  • Ensure project utilisation /sale (letting for lease, selling, along with any necessary marketing activities)
  • Collective management of projects along with financial institutes (assumption of loans from a bad debtor, project implementation, and profit allocation upon project termination)

Owing to proprietary views the protection of the assigning financial institute’s interests will be placed into the focus.

Technical Coordination more

From the very beginning of a real estate development project, that is from the commencement of designing thru the overall implementation process to the delivery of the real estate we coordinate every step. Our team of experts has acquired prominent experiences during the past years in designing, permitting and implementation processes. It is proven by several of our own projects that the practice of proper technical preparation always yields its fruit in the project to be implemented. We undertake the implementation of either individual elements of the technical coordination process or the complete process. Related services:

  • Preparation of cost estimation and schedule
  • Review of design documents and reporting the findings
  • Proactive participation in permitting procedure (under separate agreement)
  • Tendering general contractor/sub-contractors, evaluation of bids, preparation of contract conclusion on site technical supervision
  • Preliminary approval of invoices, co-certification
  • Coordinating technical delivery-acceptance
  • Cooperation in the occupational proceedings (with the assumption of responsibilities to the extent agreed)
  • Participation at perambulation for guarantee purposes

Alternative offer:

  • Provision of responsible technical management

Project Management more

Our Company acquired remarkable experience in the coordination of activities ensuring the constitution of a project. Our services are provided both for developments to be implemented in the framework of proprietary projects and projects to be executed upon assignment. Wide is the range of our services. We offer the following to our Clients:

  • Support and management of the whole project or any parts thereof
  • Feasibility inspection of a project
  • Tendering the project design, inviting bids
  • Arrangement of tendering
  • Preparation of project financing, selecting the bank for financing
  • Tendering the construction works, selecting the contractors, creation of the contracts for work
  • Technical superintendence of construction works, acceptance of works accomplished
  • Payment of considerations due to sub-contractors accomplishments, supervision thereof
  • Coordinating marketing activities
  • Obtaining permits from competent authorities
  • Organisation of sales, realisation
  • Continual liaising with customers, domestic and foreign alike
  • Administration of loans, both for project financing and retail with speculative purposes
  • Promoting contract conclusion

Preparation of Project Financing more

Currently project financing is still a prominent factor in the implementation of individual projects. Experts experienced in bank financing of projects are also present in the skilled staff of In-Construction Ltd., thus through organising the financing of projects the financial risks of a project may be mitigated.

We provide assistance to our Clients in the following:

  • Selecting the bank(s) for financing
  • Conducting the tendering process
  • Liaising with the bank in the course of project implementation
  • Controlling payments after work completion by sub-contractors
  • Final report preparation

Technical Superintendence, Trouble Shooting more

As individual or supplementary service the In-Construction Ltd. undertakes technical superintendence and trouble shooting for the possibly best utilisation of the skills of its staff. There is a great demand for such purposes at present, but it is anticipated that the demand for these products will further increase in the near future, in consideration of ever growing needs for banks and investors.

We provide the following services:

  • Technical inspection of construction industrial and engineering works
  • Building maintenance, trouble shooting, survey of condition
  • Survey of building failures, damages caused by water, damages caused to and by public utilities
  • Foundation failures, technical consulting and expertise regarding building structure

Real Estate Utilisation, Management and Maintenance more

Beyond the letting to lease / selling of real estates we provide complex services for the execution of tasks required for the daily functioning of offices, industrial and commercial real estates, just like the activities related to the operating and collective representation of residential properties operated in the form of condominiums.

We provide the following services:

  • Facility management
  • Property management
  • Asset management
  • Management of blocks of flats

Business planning more

Our company is in the process of making preparations for a number of developments which may be implemented in the near future. These developments cover a remarkably diverse scope in terms of their ultimate functionality.

They currently include:

  • Borostány Retirement Home
  • Corner House (residential block with 86 flats)
  • Indoor pool construction (Csepel)
  • Warehouse (Solymár)
  • Nursery school (District 3)
  • Shopping centre (Csepel)

Other activities include

  • Arrangements for financial transactions
  • Support for bank audits
  • Cooperation
  • Full administration of credit drawdown
  • Keeping in touch with banks
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