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Pedal Market

Europe’s largest bicycle store and most modern meeting point of bicycle riders will be constructed in accordance with the concept in the place of the Csepel Művek factory. This facility will be suitable both for the arrangement of competitions at European standard and for the organisation of weekend programs for families. As representative of the contemporary bicycle riders’ culture this place will present the life style of bicycle riders and provide home for this special sub-culture.

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Project Information:

The Salló House located on the Csepel Island and the former Rugév–hall will accommodate the bicycle plaza, where the ground-floor market place will have an area of 6500 sq m, 895 sq m office area, nearly 3000 sq m entertainment hall and nearly 180 parking lots will be at the visitors’ disposal.

Sale areas, entertainment areas, ‘test tracks’, catering units and sanitary blocks will be constructed. Sale areas will be composed partially of mobile units and fix built two-storey selling boxes.