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Development of Residential Properties(global coordination)

Our developments involving residential properties either accomplished or still in progress are located throughout the city of Budapest. Besides the accomplished development projects the new residential projects have also been in the preparatory stage. Owing to the professional team of designers, contractors, and salesmen we may present the following successful developments for reference:

District II.23 flatswebsite
District III.112 flatswebsite
District VI.30flats (tetőtér ráépítés)website
  • Bokréta 21 társasház
District IX.29 flats 
  • Ilka Udvar
District XIV.168 flats 

Development with Industrial-Logistical Functions(global coordination)

The In-Construction Ltd. has been engaged in industrial-logistical development projects ever since its establishment and such projects are still functioning:

warehouse and office buildingBudaörswebsite
office building /warehouse District

Work-out counselling

  • Amarillis – House
GyőrFinal technical coordination206 flats
  • Rokolya House
District 13Final technical coordination70 flats

Reconstruction Works

Our services also include the coordinating of overall reconstruction and modernising of buildings:

Budaörswarehouse reconstruction (2600 sqm)
Csepelwarehouse reconstruction (10.000 sqm)
Csepelwarehouse reconstruction (3000 sqm)
Csepel50 rooms (1000 sqm)

Project management (full project management and technical coordination)

Independent project management carried out by our team of professionals still plays a crucial part in our business.
Our successfully completed projects are:

  • OAHU Ltd.
warehouseBudaörs (completed)
  • Niara Building
Budapestresidential property development

If you are interested in our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.